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Web Hosting Account Features

  • www.yourdomain.com - Registration fees may apply
  • Choice of Disk space/Traffic
  • 4 DS3 connections with UUnet, GTE, and Global frontier. Network is fully switched with top quality components from Cisco systems. The entire N.O.C is wired with 100mbps Cat5 wiring. (Each connection is nearly 30 times faster than a T1.) E-mail is delivered in seconds, web pages load quickly, and file transfers are fast...
  • Full power backup. The operation center is fully equipped with battery backup from APC and a 250kw gas powered generator for extended outages.
  • Monitoring 24/7 Live monitoring of your server and a 99.9% Guaranteed Network Uptime.

Search Engine Submission

Yes we can! Submit your site to all of the major search engines.

3 times for just $24.99


True Virtual Web Hosting: Your own unique IP#

Advanced Control Panel
Power PlusMail System
Unlimited autoresponders
Unlimited mailing lists
FREE SSL Secure Server
Your own local CGI-bin
CGI Email Scripts
Formmail Scripts
Free For All Links Page
Virtual Shopcart
Key-word search engine
Discussion Board installed
Password Protected Directories
Java, PERL, shtml, Shockwave
MySQL 3.22.25 database access
PHP 3.0.7
C++, TCL, & Python
Custom 404 Error Messages
Server Side Includes (SSI)
Simple Site Search
Graphics Counter with access stats
FREE MIVA support
FrontPage 98/2000 extensions
Wusage 6.0 traffic stats-3D graphical Weekly statistics of how many visitors came to your site categorized by page, hits and transfer amounts.

24 hour FTP access
Anonymous FTP access
Unlimited Telnet access
5 Email POP Accounts
Unlimited Email Aliases
Multiple T3 connections
Internic Registration
Free technical support
Setup within 24 hours!*

Third Party Support:

Real Audio/Video
VocalTec Internet Phone
TrueSpeech Digital Audio
VRML, Vream - Virtual Reality Authority Software
Voxware, VivoActive
Fractal Image
Infinop's wavelet image compression
Macromedia's Shockwave

Programming Languages:

Java jdk 1.1.5
Python 1.4
TCL 7.6

Key Perl modules beside the standard ones:

mySQL Perl Module
DBI 1.06
LWP 5.36
HTML-parser 2.20
CGI.pm 2.49
MIME-Base64 2.06
MD5 1.7
Libnet 1.0605
URI 1.04
DBD 2.0091 (includes DBD::mysql and DBD::mSQL)
GD.pm 1.18
php3 version 3.0.7

Optional WebHosting Features

YaBB Forums - FREE Setup with 1 year pre-paid package

Pivot WebLog - FREE Setup with 1 year pre-paid package

Real Audio/Video - $10/mo (optional)

Referrer Logs - $4/mo (optional)

Park Additional Domain - For a $35.00 one-time setup fee (for each additional domain) we can mirror your main web pages and mail system. We call this PARKING A DOMAIN. A parked domain will capture all hits/mail and forward them to the main domain. You can have as many domain names pointed to your web site hosting account as you require. There are two service options for multiple domain names: Domain Parking and Redirected URL

Extra POP (email) Account - $20/one-time setup

Extra FTP/POP (Second Hand Domain) - $25/one-time setup (http://yourdomain.com/something)

Third Level Domain - THIRD LEVEL DOMAINS are priced just like a virtual domain (yourname.com). Third Level domains have the same features as above. It's not just a directory off a virtual domain. You cannot redirect a third level domain to a particular directory on a virtual domain. We treat it as a separate account with it's own web space ...separate from the virtual domain. (http://something.yourdomain.com)

Domain Registration - Due to the volume of domains that we register, we are able to register new domains at the discounted price of $16.00 per year. ($16 per year includes all registry fees, unlimited email address forwarding, URL and frame forwarding, toll free support, domain parking, and DNS). You may do it yourself by clicking on the link below or we will do all of it for you. Acquisition Fee May apply.

Who will own the domain name? - OIU-WEBHOSTING guarantees that the domain we register for you will be in your name, and you will retain complete rights and ownership of the domain name.